Penang Kitchen

Penang Kitchen

Penang is a state in Malaysia and some say home to the best street food in the world.    Penang street food is legendary and now the Penang Kitchen is bringing that fantastic street food to the Saturday market.

Authentic recipes that represent the multicultural make-up of Malaysia.

Not only does it make great eating on the spot – but you can take it home for an easy meal for later.

Having a party?    Take your guests on a “Hawker” tour.




Rosso Pizza after a busy summer of special events is back.  It is true that Chef John Franchetti is the one who starts building the fire at 6:30 AM so when you get to the market – your breakfast pizza is ready.   Rosso also sells pizza dough and their house-made mozzarella.

Twin Peaks is back with their fabulous amagaki persimmons .

Branch and Brine locally cured olives.  Last year they sold out in a flash you don’t want to miss this.

The chestnut guys : Jim and Dave are back,  chestnuts in three sizes, quince and now that it has rained –chanterelles.

There is always something new at the market especially when the seasons are changing.



Support your San Francisco Giants — eat enchiladas!  Third Game starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong eats enchiladas before every game.    Mi Fiesta has wonderful chicken enchiladas  and more perfect for a game day feast.   It’s a superstition and ritual Vogelsong never breaks.   Show your solidarity – eat enchiladas to make sure Vogelsong has a great game.

The San Francisco Giants are the perfect post season team.  The team colors are orange black perfect for Halloween.

Mi Fiesta easy convenient shopping for your Giants party or just or giant Halloween party.


Bobby’s Souvlaki and The Green Grocer will be at the Saturday market.    But you might ask, “Where the heck is the beignet guy?”    Rob, the beignet guy has opened a breakfast/lunch place The Parish Cafe but he will be back to the market with beignets in a few weeks.    Our chefs are a busy lot and when they are not a the market, it means they are cooking at a special event.

They are caterers and available for your special event of any size — a  special dinner for a few or a grand event for hundreds.

The market serves as a business incubator for many chefs.  Sometimes we lose people when they become successful, the market is happy that Chef Mateo Granados continues to bring his fabulous farm market breakfasts every weekend.

We have some new prepared food vendors coming in as well.

Our food court is a great place to start off Saturday morning but it is also a great place to pick up meals for later in the week….or think about the perfect menu for up coming holiday parties.



It’s summer time and the shopping is easy.   The parking is free and easy too.  And of course we think we have the most beautiful location.  Come have breakfast, sit a spell and then check out the abundance at the market.  We have berries of all kinds, the first apples- gravensteins, tomatoes, cucumbers and CORN.  Laguna Farm has corn.  Nothing says summer like corn on the cob.  How about pink lemons from DeSantis perfect for pink lemonade.

Every where you turn the abundance of Sonoma County is on display.   We’ve welcomed some new vendors too — the Cosmic Cookie- Gluten Free Bakery  the best gluten free bagel period and  Alive and Healing, which has handcrafted tempeh.  We welcome back Walker Ranch for the apple season.

You can have pizza for breakfast– and not just any pizza.  Pizza from Rosso possibly the best pizza ever.  They even have a breakfast version.







Guerilla Foods

After where are the bathrooms, one of the most asked questions at the Saturday market was   “Where’s the booth with the quiche?”

The soon-to-be-world famous quiche is available at Guerilla Foods

Check out the menu, Jason and Dahlia also have a great breakfast burrito filled with farmers market produce.


If you missed the Saturday market, you missed these key lime tarts from Crumb Hither.

The origin of Key lime pie has been traced back to the late 19th century in the Key West, Florida area. Its exact origins are unknown, but the first formal mention of Key Lime Pie as a recipe may have been made by William Curry, a ship salvager and Key West’s first millionaire; his cook, “Aunt Sally,” made the pie for him. If such is the case, however, it is also possible and maybe even probable that Sally adapted the recipe already created by local sponge fishermen. Sponge fishermen spent many contiguous days on their boats, and stored their food on board, including nutritional basics such as canned milk (which would not spoil without refrigeration), limes and eggs. Sponge fishermen on the sea would presumably not have access to an oven, and, similarly, the original recipe for key lime pie did not call for cooking the mixture of lime, milk, and eggs. (read more from Wikipedia)

The first recipe for key lime pie was recorded in the 1930s and it is the state pie of Florida.    Here’s a list of other state’s official foods.    While California doesn’t have an official pie – following the Florida designation of  a state pie, we had a state mock pie contest.

What do you think should be the California State Pie…..or even the Sonoma County pie?





Raymonds Bakery

Raymond’s isn’t the kind of place most people will just stumble across. It’s about a mile from downtown Cazadero, and to get there, you need to travel on Highway 116, approximately 8 miles through the woods west of Guerneville or 4 miles east of Hwy. 1. Then you turn north on Cazadero Highway and continue another 5-1/2 miles until you see The Elim Grove Cottages.

The lodge and bakery nestle beneath the majestic old growth redwoods that tower above Austin Creek. On any given day, the bakery is hard-at-work, sending out a jaw-dropping, mouthwatering array of fresh-baked-daily breads like rustic baguettes, traditional French, Pugliese, seeded sourdough and French sourdough.   Depending on the whims of the bakers, there may be garlic-rosemary and kalamata olive-rosemary loaves, Parmesan focaccia, New York deli rye, 9–grain whole wheat, Italian ciabatta, onion rolls, or breads like buttermilk potato, semolina raisin, pumpernickel rye and cinnamon-raisin swirl.

It’s all the work of Mark and Elizabeth Weiss.  Now you can get Raymond’s breads and more at the Saturday market.   And they hold community swing dance lessons on the side.  Their bakery has become a community center.  Welcome Raymond’s a great addition to our already great collection of bakers.







The pies the limit

The hottest food trend for 2012 is the mini-pie.   On the cutting edge for the last twenty years is  Nicky’s Flour Creations.  Nicky and her mom have been making little pies for a long, long time.  They have sweet , savory and a variety of styles and sizes.

There are the miniature versions of the classic pies, the tiny tart and  galettes.  On the savory side the very popular vegetable hand-pie has recently been joined by the chicken pot pie.   Small but big on taste!  But come early – these popular pies sell out early.