California Coops


Which came first the chicken or the egg?  The answer is the Chicken Coop.  California Coops attends the Saturday market with examples of the various sizes of coops.  all made from re-cycled materials.

Why chickens?.   Several years ago, raising chickens was something that only people in the country did. Chickens were associated with farms and wide open spaces. Not anymore!  Backyard chickens are a modern cultural phenomenon.  Santa Rosa is very chicken friendly.

Thousands of families are adding a small flock (2-5) to their backyard, right next to the doghouse.   Cities are working with people who want to have small flocks.  Hens will start laying eggs at about 6 months old. They will consistently lay an egg every 1-2 days for several years. These eggs, especially when the chickens are given kitchen scraps and/or allowed to free range, are more flavorful than anything you’ll ever find in the store.  Pepper Ranch Poultry has layers for sale.

Chickens are amazing compost factories. They will turn almost any kitchen scrap into a nutrient rich garden additive – poop. They love vegetable scraps, bread, grains, and even meat scraps. We’ll get more into food later.   Ask Mac about the “chicken tractor.”

Pets: Yes, that’s right, chickens make great pets. When you raise and handle chickens from small chicks they will gladly eat from your hand, sit in your lap, and follow you around the yard. They will also happily poop in your lap as well.  They’ll come to you when you call and wait for you at the door. They have great personalities. They are incredibly curious and forage for food tirelessly. They rise early and like to go to bed just before dusk. They are absolutely the most low maintenance pet (except for maybe a goldfish) that you can own. As long as they have fresh food, water, and a clean coop, they will be happy as can be. They aren’t needy like many animals and are just as happy when you’re not home.