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The Black Sheep Farm for organic meats

via chowhound..”With several requests here for grassfed meats, milk-fed lamb, etc., I thought it worth posting about The Black Sheep Farm again. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in pig roasts, and the delicate, tender pork has been sublime.

Last week I reported on visit to Famers Market, especially commenting on Black Sheep Farm. Here is more on that: Brock Fuller is Black Sheep Farm His pork is a heritage breed, Hereford. I grilled some bone-in loin chops this evening on mesquite and almond wood, and it was simply the best grilled chop I have ever eaten. Better than Berkshire chops I got recently.

They raise a heritage breed of lamb, Romney Marsh, of Irish origin. They also are raising goats, Romagnola cattle, as well as Arucana chickens. And they are also raising Ossobaw Island hogs, a rare and endangered breed from the barrier islands off the Atlantic southeast, not currently sold at his market stalls. All are heritage breeds.”

The Black Sheep Farm
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