Bikes and Bones!! Vendor List for July 21, 2018

We’ll have a full house tomorrow with all your favorite vendors including a couple we haven’t seen in awhile.  Rover’s Choice will be here with smoked bones for your pups and Custom Slip Covers will be joining as well. In addition we are hosting the Bike Swap Meet in conjunction with the Sonoma County Bike Coalition, a non-profit organization committed to making Sonoma County a great place to ride. Looks like the weather will be perfect to shop and swap! See you tomorrow.
Here’s your line-up:
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Well Being

Farm Sinclair

Gourmet Mushrooms
Half Wild Eggs @ Singing frogs
Heather’s Meat
Hector’s Honey
Heron Almonds
Humble Roots
John Ford
Lantern Farm
Min Hee Hill Gardens

Moua Farm
Nature’s Spirit
Neve Farm
Pazzo Marco Family Dairy
Ponce Farm
Salmon Creek Ranch
Schletewitz Family Farm
Sebastopol Berries
Shoup Avocado @ Williamson
Singing Frogs
Straus Family Dairy
The Beet Generaton
The Patch
Two Rock Goat Cheese

Ely’ Kitchen
Falafel Fix
The Green Grocer

Anna’s Seafood
Barrel Creative Art
Berkman’s Spices
CA Cookies
Cirque de Ferments
Dominique Sweets
Extrodinary Blends
Eyrie Olive Oil
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
Future Eats
Ga Ga Café
Home Maid Raviolli
Custom Slip Covers
John Rizzi
Mary Jane Salberg
Mi Fiesta
Nessie’s Sweets
Puer Pure Tea
Queen Bee Bakery

Raymond’s Bakery

Rover’s Choice
Run Around Brew
Sandra’s Crafts
Sia Baskets

Silk Winds
Stevens Smoked Salmon
Sweetwater Farm
The Garden Wild
Una Hand woven Crafts
Wine Country Garden Art