Bhut Jolokia The Ghost Chile

At the Peppahead booth, it’s all about flavor and sensation. It is also the perfect stop for occasional gifts and stocking stuffers, to please chile lovers.

I am here to delight cooks and chile pepper lovers with a very unique selection of regional chile powders, plus my original blends, and sauces. Stop by, say howdy, have a taste and expand your gastronomic horizons.

For the gourmet cooks, I offer a Sonoma Smoked – New Mexican Chile powder that is exquisite to cook with. The Spanish Smoked Paprika (which is great) can’t touch this one. It is a whole other level of subtle flavor with a moderate heat level representing the best of Sonoma Co. and Santa Fe

This year I have also kicked up the heat level for those Chileheads who want it hot and tasty. My “HELL TO PAY” hot sauce and the Bhut Jolokia or “Ghost Chile” (from Assam, India) is on the table to please and sizzle the taste buds. The results have been very successful.

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The 2011 Issue is due out this September.

“I’m not fooling around here, but having some fun as well.”

See you at the market.

Larry Noggle