Bellwether selected Rancher of Year by the Sonoma County Fair

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The family’s hard work and dedication to the craft of cheese-making over the years has paid off in the form of numerous awards, including a special, recent recognition. The Callahan family and Bellwether Farms has been selected as the North Bay Rancher of the Year by the Sonoma County Fair. The family will be recognized at an awards ceremony on Farmers Day at the fair on Aug. 7.

“It was kind of surprising,” said Callahan of the award. “We came to Sonoma County with no agriculture experience and as outsiders in terms of the already established agriculture in this area. It’s really neat that people are noticing what we’re doing.”

Bellwether Farms produces a variety of sheep and cow’s milk cheeses, including ricotta, créme fraiche and fromage blanc, along with original cheeses such as San Andreas, Pepato, Carmody and Crescenza, which are modeled after Italian-style cheeses. They also have a line of sheep’s milk yogurts.