At the Wednesday Market Beauty for the Eye

You might think you are familiar with what a farmer offers but every season offers something new.

You might think Ortiz Bros only has vegetables but they always have a seasonal flower bouquet. Pictured here curly willow, eucalyptus and statice fragant and long-lasting.

Skyview Nursery has colorful plants that survive the cold nights in Sonoma County.
The colorful violas and pansies have a sweet fragrance. Just as lovely in your house as providing some color in your yard. Glenn also has hardy greens which will thrive in the winter months. You can still have a winter garden. Talk to Glenn about your micro-climate and he can recommend the plants that will thrive for you all year round.

Ortiz and Skyview are both at the Wednesday and Saturday markets. Wednesday is a great market to chat with the farmers. 8:30 -12:00 ez parkking.