Apple pie workshop at Olympia’s Orchard

There is an apple pie workshop at Olympia’s Orchard on Sunday
September 12 at 11 a.m., and 3 p.m. and Sunday September 19 at 11 a.m.

Visit beautiful, inspiring, amazing Olympia’s Orchard which is part of
the Tresch Dairy Farm, suppliers of organic milk to Strauss Dairy.

Visit for more information.

Come out to the farm this September 12th or 19th for an intimate tour of Olympia Orchard’s 500 organic and heirloom apple trees at the peak of ripeness, and farmstead apple pie making workshop!

Learn first-hand from Kathy Tresch, farmer, apple expert and owner of Olympia’s Orchard, about growing and caring for heirloom and organic apples. After a tour of the orchard, where you will pick apples that go into your pie, chef and food writer Meloni Courtway, will teach you the secrets of making the perfect pie crust. While your take home pie is baking in the outdoor oven, enjoy a slice as it was meant to be made, perfectly picked from the orchard to the oven, with a paring of local wine or sun-brewed iced tea.

Join us for one of three unique Apple Pie Workshops and on-the-farm cooking experience using the freshest of ingredients at the source.