The annual heirloom tomato tasting was a huge success!


The annual heirloom tomato tasting is a chance for the market to show off our wonderful farmers.    Rain does not stop the faithful tomato tasters.  We are Northern Californians we know what to do when it  rains.

The winners of the raffle are:
Randy Casey
Molly Taylor
Linda Close
Each receives $20 in market bucks.   That could be a lot of tomatoes!

Thank you to Peggy (Peggy Parr’s Pottery) and Donna (Threads of Time) and her daughter too, for slicing up the tomatoes and making sure the salsa cups were filled.

This year, the tomatoes came from Tusque Farm, Hector’s Honey and The Patch.   Many others of our Sonoma farmers also grow tomatoes.  The recent rain helped boost the tomato season.   There are still lots and lots and lots of tomatoes  Ask your favorite vendor about case prices.

There was a salsa contest and everyone won.   They were all so different, we just couldn’t say one was better than the others.

Hector’s Honey has three entries – roasted tomatillo cooked tomatillo and roasted tomato salsa.  They were pretty darn good and when we asked for the recipe – Hector said they are thinking about producing them for the market.

Min-Hee Hill’s salsa  had a secret ingredient that made it more Spanish in origin — Min Hee used Padron peppers.

Penang Kitchen’s entry was a classic salsa -tomatoes, onions, peppers and avocados — it was very popular with folks looking for something not too spicy.

The Patch – Lazaro’s pico de gallo is a favorite and here is the recipe: dice a variety of heirloom tomatoes, Italian red onion, fresh cilantro, red pepper and serrano pepper for the salsa, then finished it off with a sprinkle of salt.   Very fresh tasting and very popular with the non-garlic lovers among us.

Non tomato farmers got in the act with things like wonderful tomato tarts from Dominique and Local Spicery put together a special tomato spice kit.  Waterhorse Ridge always has some tomato based jams, jellies and condiments.

Rain or shine, it’s always a great time at the  market’s annual Heirloom Tomato Tasting.   The left over tomatoes were donated to:  Slater Middle School’s are having a special farm to table culinary session in their foods class; the Redwood Empire Food Bank – they were very happy to
receive them and  a case for the field trip of 2nd graders coming to Wednesday
market from Hidden Valley Satellite School.