Alma’s Oilcloth and Chucherias

alma   Alma’s Oilcloth and Chucherias is a veteran market vendor. Brightly colored oilcloth made into a variety of items that are easy to clean and are sure to brighten up everyday life.   Chucherias are decorative items.  Some are traditional paper designs for  most holidays and other are created by Alma. Don’t see what you want.  Alma offers custom design work.

Custom design ice chest cover

Custom design ice chest cover

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Oilcloth became popular in the 18th century during which it was used as an inexpensive floor and roof covering. The fabric was produced by stretching a linen cloth with a four-sided vertical frame. In order to keep the cloth from becoming brittle and breaking the fabric was coated with a sizing solution and rubbed smooth with a pumice block. Finally the cloth was coated with a mixture of linseed oil and paint pigment.

Although the production of floorcloths originated in England, American artisans soon began manufacturing their own. “Homeowners or professional itinerant sign-painters applied the designs…with a ruler and a compass or with a stencil…these practical, easily refurbished floor coverings increased in popularity in their own rights throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It evolved into oilcloth.” (Garvan)


By the late 1950s, oilcloth became a synonym for vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) bonded to either a flanneled cloth or a printed vinyl with a synthetic non-woven backing.


The original techniques of manufacturing oilcloth have become rare and commercially obsolete with the introduction of non-cracking plastics and rotogravure printing process. Nowadays, oilcloth is a printed vinyl bonded and supported with a woven cotton mesh. Many people fondly remember the printed vinyl cloth. Oilcloth has existed in the homes of many people, which is why oilcloth may remind us of fond memories spent with friends and family in the kitchen or dining room where oilcloth’s presence is most common. When one thinks of oilcloth they recall the bright colors and lively prints of fruits and florals that have become increasingly popular over the years.