A banner year for cherries

Vendors at the Saturday market share their favorite sweet cherry recipes.

From Busalacchi Farms Bing Cherry Thumbprint Cookies and fresh bing cherry lemonade

Twin Peaks Orchards said his favorite is seared duck breast in a cherry brandy sauce. He pointed you can get all the ingredients at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market with the addition of Salmon Creek Ranch selling organic muscovy ducklings.

The Peach Farm
didn’t hesitate when asked for a recipe; cherry crisp.

At DeSantis and Hamlow the favorite way is eating them out of hand!

Neufeld Farms
they are fans of cherry brandy. You even get to use the pits.

The California Cherry Advisory Board
has more recipes and everything you ever wanted to know about cherries.

Cherries are a short season and most vendors think it will be over by mid-June or earlier.