Wednesday January 30th — The Super Bowl or the Salad Bowl we’ve got you covered!



You don’t need a map for the Wednesday market but it still has everything you need for the freshest and best vegetables and fruit.  There are  carrots, beets, turnips, greens, lettuces, fresh herbs, fresh and dried peppers, winter squashes of all shapes and sizes,big sweet onions , tomatillos, and scallions, eggs, beef, lamb, goat, and pork – sausages and a whole bunch of different kinds of bacon.   There’s more too!  Getting to be the last of the persimmons but new citrus is coming in all the time.  Now grapefruit, blood orange, pomelos and lots of lemons of all kinds.   We’ve got two bakers and great coffee for a quick pick me up.   The Green Grocer is in the house – no matter what you pick it will be the best breakfast you’ve ever had.

The market has a lot of red and gold –getting ready for the 49’ers.    Red and gold beet salad  — looking good and tasting good too!

Check out Waterhorse Ridge – a great collection of jam,salsas, chutneys and just cool stuff.

Armstrong Valley Farm has beautiful blood oranges for the perfect 49’er cocktail not too mention Bearss limes and meyer lemons.   Tom also has carrots that fit perfectly in the color scheme.

If your only interest is in the salad bowl Min Hee Hill Garden has beautiful, crisp lettuces.