The carrot

Everybody puts up with the modern supermarket carrot.   You can use them cooked or raw, the color is great and they keep.

Supermarket carrots are fine for the soup pot, but nothing beats local varieties when carrots really count.   There aren’t many vegetables as eye-catching as bunches of white, yellow, orange, red and purple carrots, from slender minis to knobby standard sizes, with chunky Thumbelinas in between.

Roasting, braising, grilling and more extreme forms of culinary invention, typically applied to a pristine slab of hamachi tuna or a rosy duck breast, are now directed at piles of freshly dug carrots.

As good cooks know, “freshly dug” is as important for carrots as “diver” is for sea scallops.

Then there is the rich, deep flavor of a fresh carrot, especially this time of year. Carrots, it turns out, have a season.

The best demonstration of  farmers market produce exceptional taste is the carrot.   If you really want to do a a friend a flavor favor, give ’em a bunch of carrots from the market.

Wednesday and Saturday markets both have an exceptional variety of freshly dug carrots.

Here is a collection of easy carrot recipes.