The market always has something new

As the seasons change the market changes.    The aroma of roasting peppers leads you to theBeet Generation Farm.  Peppers roasted to order.

Physis Foods opened for the first time at the market,   Serving Roasted Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Stock, Vegetable Soup, two vinaigrettes, kachumber, Salsa Fresca, and more for Saturday! Physis uses  a mobile kitchen on location at the market to create,a variety of staple foods based on produce for sale at the market that very same day. Many of our items either compliment a meal (such as soups, salads, & condiments) or cut steps out of preparation (cut vegetable mixes, stocks, & seasonings.)

 Singing Frogs Farm has something for every season from beautiful strawberries to fall greens, squashes and pumpkins.   They also have wonderful collection of Asian greens and vegetables.

Smashing Juices started at the market this summer.  A nice and easy pick-me-up  by the cup or the jar.

It’s not to early to think about Halloween – our bakers and candy makers will make it a very special time.   Crumb Hither has some beautiful cookies for the season.