It is going to be a warm day tomorrow but we will be open and ready at 8:30 am, you will have the opportunity to come to the market get what you need and get home before it gets too hot.  I am excited to announce The Green Grocer will be able to prepare at the market our favorite breakfast and lunch items.  We are not able to set up our lunch tables as yet, we  need to continue safe distancing,  mask, and overall safe practices, but it will sure be nice to smell the veggies and bacon on the grill.


Hector’s Honey
Ortiz Farm
Ridgeview Farm
Schelewitz Family Farm
Straus Family Creamery
Heron Fox Almonds
Green Grocer
Healdsburg Bagel Co
Mi Fiesta Catering
Myriad Coffee

Full Circle Bakery available at the information booth


Today is May Day and I am looking forward to celebrating May,  enjoying the sunshine, and saying hello to friends, (at the appropriate distance) tomorrow at the Santa Rosa Certified Farmers Market.   With the sunshine, we are seeing more and more fruits and vegetables each week, tomorrow Ponce Farm will have the first peaches & apricots.  We are also seeing the return of some of favorite vendors, Mi Fiesta & Pure Puer Tea will be at market tomorrow.

See you at the market,


Saturday Vendor Lists

Bohemian Well Being
Duncan Mushroom
Farm Sinclair
Gourmet Produce
Hector’s Honey
La Vida Farm
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Nature’s Spirit
Neve Farm
Ortiz Farm
Ponce Farm
Premier Mushroom
Salmon Creek
Scheletwitz Family Farm
Singing Frogs Farm
Takenoko Ranch
Williamson Farm
Ramini Mozzarella

The Green Grocer

Anna’s Seafood
Beet Generation
Berkman’s Spice
Capo Creek Winery
Franco One World Sausage
Just Popped up
Mad Batter Cakery Co
Mi Fiesta
Myriad Coffee
Pet Wants
Pure Puer Tea
Quiche & Carry
Rive Kambuchi
Run Around Brew
Sweet Divine
The Hummus Guy