Well Folks, it’s Raining again and by the morning time it might be cold and Wendy but the Rain should be done, so just incase grab those rain boots and umbrellas and head out to the only Farmer’s Market that is year round. We have so much to offer you, so take an hour out of your busy day and join us. we even have some breakfast and lunch.

Hector’s Honey
Ridgeview Farm
Schelewitz Farm
Straus Family Dairy
Tierra Vegetables

Green Grocer
Tuck Box
Sinful fusion

Mi Fiesta
Franco One World Sausage


Well look’s like rain tomorrow, so that means you will need you rain boots and umbrellas to come out and enjoy the Market.

Salmon Creek Ranch will be at the Market this week with Goat Meat, They also have beef, Duck eggs, and the best Dog treats ever!! my pouch loves them.  So make sure you stop by and see them.

Armstrong Valley Farm
Beet Generation
Bernier Farms
Bohemian Well Being
Eyrie Olive Oil
Farm Sinclair
Gourmet Mushrooms
Gourmet Produce
Hector’s Honey
Heron Almonds
Joe Matos
John Ford
Neve Farm
Ponce Farm
Premier Mushrooms
Preston Farm
Salmon Creek
Schlewitz Family Farm
Singing Frogs
Straus Family Dairy
Takenoko Farm

Min-Hee Hill Korean Kitchen
The Green Grocer

Anna’s Seafood
Berkman’s Spices
Costaux Bakery
Dominique Sweets
Eagle Distributing
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
GaGa Café
Greek Table
Hiroko Ceramics
Jungle Maiden
Kelly Coffey
Leon Day
Mary Jane Salberg
Mi Fiesta
Pure Puer Tea
Raymond’s Bakery
Run Around Brew
Scott Wilson
Steven’s Smoked Salmon