Welcome Susan Margerison and My Comfort Zone.  She produces natural products for comfort and pain management.    The weather is warming up and gardening, yard work and generally cleaning up means for many muscle aches and pains.  Check out the comfort ball — this product can be used to rub tightness out of sore muscles.


And of course the rest of the amazing Wednesday market.   The Wednesday market is the perfect mid-week stop.    You can count on everything being the freshest, just picked Sonoma grown produce.  Armstrong Valley Farm has sprouts on the stalk.

And checking out the Wednesday crowd this week is Penang Kitchen — the street food of Malaysian here is Santa Rosa.  The peanut sauce is to die for.  Plenty of vegetarian options as well.


GaGa Cafe
Willow Design
The Garden Wild
Full Circle Bakery
Water Horse Ridge
Comfort Zone
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Armstrong Valley Farm
Hectors Honey
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
Parsons Homegrown
Good gal Delights
Green Grocer
Penang Kitchen





Wednesday Market: the salad bowl


When you shop at a  grocery store even a good one, fruits and vegetables are at least three days old and most much much older.   When you shop at the farmers market you don’t have to guess how old — ask the farmer.   At the Wednesday market all of the produce vendors are the farmers.  It’s a good time to get to know them.  They all have wonderful  tips for buying, storing and using their  harvests.

First we conquered the BLT and now the salad.   Min Hee Hill Gardens, Armstrong Valley Farm, Bohemian Well Being Farm, Hector’s Honey, and  Parson’s Homegrown offer a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The Dreamcatcher Ranch brings heritage breeds of pork, beef, lamb and goat.   Check out their meat CSA  — they have a breakfast box that will make breakfast your favorite meal.

Full Circle Bakery and Good Gal Delights are the Wednesday bakers and Gaga Cafe pours the best coffee and sells beans so you can do the same at home.

Waterhorse Ridge Jams, condiments and so much more.  Everything is made in small batches and almost all the ingredients are grown out near the Sonoma Coast.

The Garden Wild has wonderful soaps and cremes made with ingredients from the farm.

The Green Grocer is in the house making up wonderful things like hippie hash and crispy duck tacos — he either makes it himself or gets it at the market.

Just a sample of what’s happening this week at the Wednesday market

For more information on  our farmers, ranchers, chefs and artists please check the vendors page






Fun Food Facts about George and Abe

Photo from williamsburgprivatetours.com

Photo from williamsburgprivatetours.com

What did Washington like to eat?

“George Washington was extremely fond of fish, served in many ways. He ate it almostdaily, often at breakfast with the Hoe Cakes he loved. Hoe Cakes, (originally having been baked on a hoe that had been heated in a fire,) are basically a pancake made with corn instead of wheat flour. The original ones that Washington would have eaten were leavened with yeast. The recipe I have provided here used baking powder. He ate them with melted butter and honey.

Favorites of his that appeared on the Mount Vernon table frequently were Mashed Sweet Potatoes, String Beans with Almonds, Steak and Kidney Pie, and Fish Muddle. Favorite desserts were Tipsy Cake, also known as Trifle, and Martha Washington’s Whiskey Cake . He was very fond of Porter, a dark ale, but Madera and Wine were usually present at the table as well. He loved pickles and other condiments, particularly Mushroom Catsup. And as mentioned in the beginning, he loved cherries, in any form but particularly Cherry Pie. Like in England, pies were a favorite food on the early American table, both sweet and savory.”   Recipes linked here

What did Lincoln like to eat?

“It is said that his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln had a hard time getting him to remember to eat at all. When she did discover things that he truly enjoyed, she made sure that they were available whenever he wanted them. For the most part, his food tastes were simple. He loved fresh fruit, particularly apples. One of his favorite meals was simply fresh fruit and nuts, cheese and crackers.

President Lincoln did have two favorite dishes, Chicken Fricassee with Biscuits and Oyster-Stew. Actually, he loved oysters just about any way they were served. His dessert tastes were simple as well with Apple Pie being a favorite. His seldom drank alcohol of any sort. Water was his favorite beverage.”    recipes and more linked here.





Earth Temple is returning after spending a few weeks in Arizona looking for
interesting finds to bring back to market

Aroma Floral is back!  Dried flower arrangements, wreaths

Latas Indian Cuisine is back a month in India!

Music of the Day  The Dixie Giants – jazz

Here’s the rest of the crowd.  Please check out vendors list for contact information.

Edgeworks Sharpening Service

Penang Kitchen

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

EGB Farms

Nature Spirits Garden

Parsons HomeGrown

Singing Frogs Farm

Daffodils, Dahlias, Lillies Oh My!

Branch & Brine

Orchard Farms

Foggy River Farm

First Light Farm


Berniers Farm

Walnut Orchard

Offerings of the Land

Middleton Farms

Twin Peaks

Armstrong Valley Farm

Williamson Farms

Hectors Honey

St Rose Winery

Bohemian WellBeing Farm

Salmon Creek Ranch

Good gal Delights

Francos One World Sausage

Williams Ranch

Two Rock Valley Cheese

Costeaux Bakery

John Ford Ranch

Pepper Ranch Poultry

The Black Sheep Farm

Stonehouse Olive Oil

Full Circle Bakery

Weirauch Ranch

Hue de Laroque

Hilltop Honey

Latas Indian Cuisine

Ultra Crepes

California Coops

Sonoma Garden Designs

Mateo Granados

Willow Designs

Victoria Kemp

Damselfly Designs

East West Gourmet

Varda Rose

Earth Temple

Moonshadows Jewelry

Aroma Floral

Mi Fiesta Catering

Raymond’s Bakery

Water Horse Ridge

The Garden Wild

Loraleis Covers

Dominique’s Sweets

GaGa Cafe

Mama Baretta

Bumble Bee

Run Around Brew

Green Grocer


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Visiting Sonoma County or got guests?  With gas prices climbing. Taking  a car tour of the county is expensive and leaves you less for the best eating around.

Sonoma County is known for it’s cheese and farm trails, the olive festival and many chefs who are famous for their use of local products.

The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market offers all the great tastes Sonoma is known for and you can walk — not too long a walk either and convenient parking too.    Saturday is going to be a beautiful day.    The market is in a lovely location with plenty of places to sit for minute or enjoy the work of our food vendors – don’t forget they are all chefs and caterers.

And just as an added attraction, the market is home to  many wonderful artisans most of which is usable art.

Not too mention being at the gateway to wine country.

Saturday Market 8:30 AM — 1:00 PM





Last minutes Valentine’s Day gifts that make you look like you have been planning forever.

A lot of people think any food prepared by someone else is an aphrodisiac

Get a jump start on Valentine’s Day and bring your sweetie to the Wednesday market for the best breakfast and it all happens to be local.   You can also buy the ingredients for the same great breakfast.

The ingredients for a great breakfasts (in bed or otherwise) are all at the Wednesday market.    Including the beans to make great coffee at home  from Gaga Cafe.   Old school breakfast for your sweeties – sausage, ham, bacon, eggs, toast.    Sounds like any old breakfast until you use ingredients all produced within 150 miles of the market.   Somethings, like Parsons Homegrown, and Hector’s honey are less than three miles from Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

Something a little simpler but just as good –Any bread from Full Circle with any jam from Waterhorse Ridge  would be sublime

Good Gal Delights has wonderful treats -” Mindfully healthy, always Delicious. “Have Your Cake and Eat it too!”

Think about this – a basket of beautiful tomatoes from Parsons Homegrown – big, red, juicy tomatoes and for someone you aren’t quite sure about they have some lovely yellow tomatoes too.

And what about a bouquet of beets — Tom Robbins in both Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Jitterbug Perfume celebrates the power of the beat.

“The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious…”

And if it’s baby lettuce party – Min-Hee Hill Gardens has beautiful greens and have recently added dried pepper blends — an easy way to liven up the party.

If it’s just not Valentine’s Day unless it’s heart-shaped — The Garden Wild has wonderful heart shaped soaps and bath bombs.  Willow Design has wonderful heart-shapes in bracelets and earrings.

And if you just can’t decide what would be  perfect  —  a gift certificate from the market might just be the ticket.




Of course the market has oysters and chocolate but there’s a lot more choices to spark up your love life

 Almonds  You should be nuts about almonds! Although they don’t look particularly sexy (although almond-shaped eyes certainly do), they have been regarded as fertility symbols throughout antiquity. And we suppose, there’s something about these dry little nuts that recalls, well, testes. The aroma of almonds supposedly arouses passion in females — or so thought the poets and scribes of bygone eras. French writer Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Count of Monte Cristo, dined on almond soup every night before meeting his mistress. And Samson wooed Delilah with these tasty nuts, which lower cholesterol and provide abundant doses of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber to improve your general well-being. So you can keep going, and going, and going…

Eggs is are one of the most ancient fertility symbols.   Eggs are high in B6 and B5, which help you balance hormone levels and fight stress. Raw chicken eggs eaten before sex are considered to enhance one’s libido. But we’re talking eggs of all sorts, fish or fowl. Think of the way caviar gently bursts in your mouth or the delicacy of little darling quail eggs.

Celery: This crunchy, aromatic vegetable serves as a flavor base for soups and stews in cuisines around the world. It is also high in essential nutrients necessary for great sex, and it contains two chemicals — androsterone and adrostenol — which serve as a sexual attractant when ingested. If that’s not enough to get you drinking your Glowing Green Smoothie every day, then consider this: celery also makes you more physically attractive.

6.Garlic: It may not make your breath smell all that great (but is it weird I like the smell on my hands after chopping it?), but garlic contains allicin, which increases blood flow. The result may be improved stamina and sexual energy.


Avocado: This silky, mild fruit has a reputation as an aphrodisiac extending back to ancient Aztec times. In fact, the Aztecs called the avocado tree “Ahuacuatl,” which translates to “testicle tree.” Slice half an avocado and eat it alone or as part of a tossed green salad.

Chili peppers: The capsaicin in peppers heats up the body and increases blood flow. They also cause the brain to release endorphins, which are a feel-good chemical. Along with the internal effects leading to sexual desire, they have temporary external effects that cause the outer appearance of sexual desire, such as flushed skin and swollen lips. This creates a powerful one-two punch that just may cause sexual desire, and many cultures throughout history have used peppers as an aphrodisiac. Sprinkle cayenne on avocados, or add a little to zip up soups and stir-fries.

Honey: Rich in B vitamins, organic raw honey supports testosterone production, which can increase desire. It also contains the boron used in estrogen production, which is important for female desire. Use honey to sweeten a cup of tea. Be sure to purchase local if possible and from an ethical source.

Carrots: It may be the shape that does it for some people, but carrots also contain vitamins that are important in hormone production.

 Pomegranates: The seeds of this luscious red fruit improve blood flow and are rumored to increase genital sensitivity.

Red wine: In moderation, red wine increases blood flow, relaxes you, and lowers inhibitions. Have a few ounces of red wine, but don’t overdo it.

Arugula: Ancient Romans used this peppery, leafy green vegetable as an aphrodisiac. Along with aphrodisiac properties, arugula promotes digestion and is a great source of vitamins A and C. Add a little arugula to your salad greens.

 Chocolate: Pure, dark chocolate has a centuries old reputation as an aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which stimulates the same hormone your body releases during sex. It also sparks dopamine production in the brain. It doesn’t take much. Try a square or two of low-sugar, vegan dark chocolate.

Onions: Have been attributed aphrodisiacal properties, since prehistoric times. They are mentioned in many classic Hindu texts on the art of making love, and were the most used aphrodisiac in ancient Greece, as well as being frequently included as an ingredient in Roman and Arab recipes. Celibate Egyptian priests were not allowed to eat onions because of their potential effects, and in France, newlyweds were served onion soup on the morning after their wedding night to restore their libido.

Onion, as well as garlic, contains the amino acid alliin and the related allicin (CH2=CH-CH2-SO-CH2-CH=CH2). Alliin, which is devoid of any odour or taste, can be transformed into allicin by the enzyme allinase. Whenever an onion (or garlic) is crushed this enzyme is released from the plant tissue and starts to enact the transformation. It is allicin which causes the “true” garlic odour. No aphrodisiacal properties have (yet) been demonstrated, but the compound makes a good antibiotic.

Oysters  These mouthwatering mollusks are the classic aphrodisiac. And, there’s research to support it: raw oysters are very high in zinc, which raises sperm and testosterone production, thus increasing libido. Like some fish, oysters contain omega-3 fatty acids, considered to increase one’s overall well-being and even fight depression. They are also a source of dopamine. No wonder Casanova ate 50 raw oysters every day.

Shiitake: The shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes, consists of large, tawny, parasol-shaped caps with a cream-colored inside and a delicious smoky flavor. It has a reputation of being a useful aphrodisiac even when eaten alone, but especially in combination with game.

Strawberries: They’re shaped like a heart, they’re red and they’re juicy. To get newlyweds in the mood, cold strawberry soup was served to couples before their honeymoon, according to an old French tradition. Ancient Romans believed eating strawberries increased sexual appetite, and designated the fruit as a symbol of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.





Just in time for Valentine’s Day Williamson Farms are back with their wonderful strawberries and avocados.    Both are reputed to be aphrodisiacs.   Make up your own love potion.


Strawberries have long been associated with love, sex, and sensuality. Strawberries may indeed boost the sex drive thanks to the vitamin C, potassium, and zinc that they contain. Eating a ripe strawberry or, better yet, a chocolate-covered strawberry, is a sure way to stimulate your senses and your libido.

It’s no surprise that the avocado has been considered an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, given its sensual shape and soft texture. The Aztec word for avocado, ahuacatl, means “testicle.” In the 1920s, U.S. avocado growers launched an advertising campaign that attempted to convince people that avocados were not aphrodisiacs, but nobody was convinced. In Japan, people take avocado oil for its libido enhancing properties.



Everyone has at least one someone  for a Valentine.   We’ve got the perfect thing — even if your special someone is four legged.   Check out the Doggy Treats at Salmon Creek Ranch and Owens Family Farm.   We have a lovely gallery of gifts for all your two-legged valentines, no matter what their age

If you can’t get to the market before Valentine’s Day – our vendors are ready to serve you almost anytime.  Be sure to check the vendors list for contact information