The Wednesday market welcomes Melaney Dellard, Good Gal Delights.”

“Good gal Delights takes a healthy approach in crafting all its baked goods. You can feel good about eating an occasional treat that is also nutritious. So, that is why Good gal truly believes it is possible to “Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!”

The Good gal line features muffins, breads, scones, biscotti and snack bars. Only the finest ingredients are lovingly baked into each delight. You will never find butter, white refined flour or white sugar in our delights. A variety of whole-grain and multigrain flours are used, along with fresh fruits and spices. Low-glycemic sweeteners like agave, and healthy oils like coconut and olive oil are used. Local ingredient sources, as well as organic products are used when possible.

Her motto is mindfully healthy.  Always delicious.


Mi Fiesta’s menu of tamales, enchiladas, salsa and more is always a party waiting to happen.  In the winter months, there are sweet tamales – you’ll find lots of uses for them.

On Wednesday, Mi Fiesta has hot tamales with salsa and guacamole – the best lunch deal in town.



You can get a snack or a meal at the market but you can also find great meals for later.

All of our prepared food vendors can help you with party planning – whether whether you are having a few or a few dozen all of our prepared vendors are experienced chefs and caterers.

This week at the market

Mi Fiesta  Special holiday tamales

East West Gourmet Foods  bolani’s are the easiest, best appetizer you can serve to any crowd and almost everyone can eat it

Lata’s Indian Cuisine   – the best Indian food in Northern California.  Imagine the samosas being the star in your holiday buffet

Green Grocer   – Everything is locally sourced and wonderful.  Seasonally sausages, bacon and other cured meats

Penang Kitchen  – Malaysian recipes with Northern California ingredients.  Pictured is beef curry perfect for the chilly weather





Do you envy people whose Christmas gifts are beautifully wrapped?   Yours are in the bag from the store with a little tissue paper…  This Saturday get someone else to  wrap up your holiday gifts — for a good cause.   The Sonoma County YMCA will be wrapping gifts to support their Christmas giving programs.

You can wrap up your shopping at the market too.    You cannot go wrong with a gift of a great ingredient.     A gift that will be remembered long after the holidays are over — give the gift that will always be a perfect fit — market gift certificates.   Your friends will thank you for introducing them to the Santa Rosa Farmers Market.

Franco makes cotechino sausage for the holidays.  His brother Dennis calls it the “King of sausages” It is in the market now.

The Chestnut guys will be back this week with chanterelles as well as chestnuts.    Sometimes they have “lazy persons” chestnuts already peeled.  You can freeze them.   K &K are back — some say the best walnuts around.  Black Sheep meat is back – heritage beef and pork.  And if you haven’t stopped by Branch and Brine – you are in for a treat – olives cured on the branch perfect for the martini drinker on your list.   Bumble Bee has fresh crab – ready to eat!



Meats, Fish, and Eggs:

Salmon Creek Ranch

Carson’s Catch

Bumble Bee

Franco’s One World Sausage Co.

Williams Ranch

The Black Sheep Ranch

Owen Family Ranch

Pepper Ranch



Weirauch Ranch

Two Rock Goat Cheese


Veggies, Fruits & Nuts:

Work Horse Farm

Branch & Brine

Laguna Farms

Sonoma Coast Organic Produce

Offerings of the Land

Hectors Honey

First Light Farm

Singing Frogs Farm

Foggy River Farm

Orchard Farms

Bohemian Well Being Farm

Armstrong Valley Farm

K&K Farms

Bernier Farm

Twin Peaks Orchard

Min-Hee Hill Farm

New Family Farm

EGB Farms

Beet Generation

Walkers Apples

Ma & Pa’s  Garden


Seedlings and Nursery Items:

Natures Spirit Garden

Daffodils, Dahlias and Lilies Oh My


Baked Goods:

Costeaux Bakery

Dominique’s Sweets

Raymond’s Bakery

Cosmic Cookie Jar

Mama Baretta

Full Circle Baking Company


Canned, Packaged, and Bottled Edibles:

Water Horse Farm

Not Yer Mamas Granola

Alive & Healing

Bruno’s Red WineVinegar

St Rose Winery

Stonehouse Olive Oil

Hue De Laroque Farm

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolates

Mi Fiesta

East West Gourmet Foods


Prepared Foods:

Lata’s Indian Cuisine

Green Grocer

Penang Kitchen

Run Around Brew

GaGa Café


Gift and Craft Items:

Willow – Jewelry, scarves, aprons

Vicki Kemp – clothing and knitwear

Royal Hare – yarn and knit wear

Gary Chappell – jewelry

Hilltop Honey – soaps & lotions

Almas Oilcloths and Churcherias

Aroma Floral – wreaths

By the Elvin Moon – carved wooden bowls

Earth Temple – stones and fossils

Threads of Time – clothing

Sonoma Woodworks – wine barrel garden furniture

California Coops – chicken coops

Varda Rose – knit hats

Hydrosouls – lotions and essential oils for people and pets

Sonoma Garden Designs – wooden furniture

Edgeworks Sharpening Services


Special Guest:

Sonoma County Family YMCA – Gift Wrapping services






There area at least 16 ways to spell Hanukkah.  Chanukah is a Jewish holiday that falls in December.   It celebrates religious freedom and faith.

Hanukkah is one of the less important Jewish holidays. However, Hanukkah has become much more popular in modern practice because of its proximity to Christmas.

Hanukkah falls on the twenty-fifth day of the Jewish month of Kislev. Since the Jewish calendar is lunar based, every year the first day of Hanukkah falls on a different day – usually sometime between late November and late December. Because many Jews live in predominately Christian societies, over time Hanukkah has become much more festive and Christmas-like. Jewish children receive gifts for Hanukkah – often one gift for each of the eight nights of the holiday. Many parents hope that by making Hanukkah extra special their children won’t feel left out of all the Christmas festivities going on around them.

One of the best things about Hannukah is the latke.  It’s a potato pancake.  Everyone has their favorite but really the best ones are freshly grated potatoes, onions, eggs, a bit of flour or matzoh meal and eaten practically out of the frying pan.  People are passionate about their latkes and there are lots of different recipes.   Just because you can add things to a recipe doesn’t necessarily make it  a good idea.  Sometimes it is best not to mess with success.

It’s all about the potato.  You can find the perfect potato at the Saturday market.     No matter whether you are in the wet (people who don’t drain and wring out the potatoes) or dry school of latke batter…a number of Saturday vendors carry a variety of potatoes.  If you are looking for an all purpose potatoe — New Family Farm recommends the “german butterball” or as they call it, “The Michael Jordan of potatoes.

Want to step it up?  Fry your latkes in duck fat.  You’ll have to skip the sour creme to be strictly kosher but it would be worth it.  Salmon Creek Ranch  has duck fat ready for frying.

Saturday December 8th is the first night of Hanukah.  Get everything you need including wonderful gifts — food and crafts and of course the perfect potato.



Okay, it might be raining Wednesday morning but we will be at Well Fargo Center for the Arts with everything from breakfast to great  holiday gifts.   If you are thinking about going green this holiday season —  there is no greener gift then a gift certificate to the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market.

Gift certificates are available at the information booth or check with the market manager, Jaime Smedes.   Jaime, like everyone at the market is ready for the rain.

The Green Grocer has an enticing winter menu — perfect for a rainy day.

The Wednesday market has everything from soup to nuts.

The Patch is finished for the season.   Ridgeview farm is done until January when they hope to return with seasonal bouquets of fragrant stock.

With everyone’s busy lives, the trend is more and more convenience or prepared foods but ones that are locally made with locally grown products.

There are two new vendors coming in to the Wednesday market…a baker of fabulous pastries….and a new bbq stand.