SROCFM Celebrates its 45th Anniversary Saturday!

Join us at 11:30 for a Celebratory Cake Cutting

Say hello to Kay of Kay’s Bo-kays, one of the market’s original founders

Special Thanks to:

Shannon of Crumb Hither for baking the beautifully tasty cakes!

Chris of X-oticals for the festive balloon decorations!




Music Saturday:               Rose Town Ramblers

Mark Nystrom & Friends



The California Nurses Association is giving free blood pressure readings Saturday November 10th at the Market

We love our market community – each and every one of you and we want you around for a long time.   High blood pressure is the silent killer.  Do you know what yours is?  If you don’t know your blood pressure this is an easy way to find out.

High blood pressure is an easy disease to overlook. There are often no visible signs or physical symptoms. Because of this, it is important to have your blood pressure checked. Regular visits to your health care provider, local health department and even some local pharmacies will allow you to keep track of your blood pressure and ensure that it is not too high.

Blood Pressure Basics

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers—the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) over the diastolic pressure (as the heart relaxes between beats). Normal blood pressure is less than 120 systolic and less than 80 diastolic. At any given hour, a person’s blood pressure may vary. High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when the pressure remains high over time. High blood pressure is a silent condition because people often do not know they have it. It is also a serious issue because:

  • It makes the heart overwork.
  • It may contribute to hardening of the arteries, which places additional strain on the heart and kidneys.
  • It increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • It can cause heart failure, kidney disease and blindness and more


And you can have cake while you’re having your blood pressure read.

It’s our 45th  Anniversary  (that’s sapphires if you are thinking about getting the market a gift) and we are  having cake to celebrate.


The market is closed Saturday November 3 and Open November 4.

It’s not too early to be thinking about Thanksgiving.   Turkey is a perfect match for pinot noir and just in time for Thanksgiving, St. Rose Winery is back starting with the special Sunday market November 4th  market.   Excellent values for the holidays and they have a wine specially bottled for cooking.

If you are looking for the perfect ingredients for holiday dinners, the market is the place to shop

Here is a partial list of the  farmers, ranchers, artisans and chefs attending the Sunday   market.   If you don’t see your favorite vendor and need something.  They all work 24/7 and welcome special orders.  Please see the vendors list.

Salmon Creek Ranch   The same ducks served at Chez Panisse.  Duck eggs and duck fat.   Amazing beef.   Even treats for your dog.
Carsons Catch   Wild caught salmon and cod direct from Alaska’s Bristol Bay.  Carson only sells what he catches  Carson also has cured salmon.

Francos   The best sausages and pancetta in the County   Franco uses local meat.  The selection changes weekly

Raymonds Bakery   Now you don’t have to drive to Cazadero for their award winning baked goods.

Offerings of the Land   Wonderful Sonoma grown greens for salads or cooking.  Also a wonderful herbal mix for tea

St. Rose Winery  Pinot noir –perfect for Thanksgiving.  Ask about their holiday specials

Redwood Empire Farm    rainbow of colored bell peppers, sweet Italian roasting peppers, the last few Jimmy Nardello Italian frying peppers of the season, chiles, butternut and acorn squash, Black Mission figs, and dry farmed tomatoes.  (probably close to the end of the tomatoes)

Singing Frogs Farm   Nice variety of a Asian vegetables included in their seasonal produce

Bohemian Well Being Farm  Every mushroom you can imagine.  With the recent rains – chanterelles aren’t far behind.  Mr. Kim has a wealth of information for people wanting to learn more about medicinal uses of mushrooms.

Owen Family Farm   BEEF – LAMB – GOAT – VEAL – PORK

Williams Lamb   Instead of turkey this year – what about a perfectly cooked lamb chops in a lovely pinot sauce/

Kays Bo Kays  Seasonal Bouquets  They grow all the flowers for their bouquets in their Santa Rosa Gardens.

Min Hee Garden    Beautiful greens, a  variety of peppers, apples, and plants and always ask to see the recipes they bring to market every week.

Walkers Apples      It’s getting to the end of the apple season but there will still be apples for apple pie this holiday season

Ma & Pa’s Garden   The best of seasonal produce.

EGB Seasonal Fruit   Fruit and almonds — absolutely positively the best chocolate almond ever

The Patch Seasonal Produce    Fresh, sweet onions, green beans, peppers, figs, and tomatoes

Beet Generation Farm   The smell of roasted peppers is so appealing – most people take their roasted peppers with a fork.  Besides the peppers lots of other cool seasonal produce

Costeaux Bakery   A touch of Paris  everything they have is good

GaGa Cafe  Coffee, Italian Sodas and coffee beans

Hue de Laroque   Jams, vinegars.  If you want to make some spectacular dishes with little or no work get some of their aged balsamic vinegar.  Just a splash and everything tastes better.

Earth Temple

Aroma Floral

California Coops     Backyard chickens are being permitted in almost every community.   Great fresh eggs and good for your backyard too!   The coops are also good for rabbits.   A great product using re-cycled materials.

Green Grocer  “If the French Laundry and Whole Foods had a love child… You’d wind up with the Green Grocer     Possibly the best comment ever.