Cepes, king bolete, penny bun, porcini  No matter what you call it – this mushroom is delicious.   It’s pretty reliable that 21 days after it rains, porcini are available.    If you don’t have an Italian grandmother to teach you how to find them…come to the market.  Bohemian Well Being Farm has them, pictured here.    Ask Mr. Kim for serving suggestions.


Wikipedia gives the rundown:  prized as an ingredient in various foods, B. edulis is an edible mushroom held in high regard in many cuisines, and is commonly prepared and eaten in soups, pasta, or risotto. The mushroom is low in fat and digestible carbohydrates, and high in protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Although it is sold commercially, it is very difficult to cultivate. Available fresh in autumn in Central, Southern and Northern Europe, it is most often dried, packaged and distributed worldwide. Keeping its flavor after drying, it is then reconstituted and used in cooking. B. edulis is one of the few fungi sold pickled. The fungus also produces a variety of organic compounds with a diverse spectrum of biological activity, including the steroid derivative ergosterol, a sugar binding protein, antiviral compounds, antioxidants, and phytochelatins, which give the organism resistance to toxic heavy metals.

Here are a few more porcini facts including buying, storing and recipe ideas





Penang Kitchen

Penang Kitchen

Penang is a state in Malaysia and some say home to the best street food in the world.    Penang street food is legendary and now the Penang Kitchen is bringing that fantastic street food to the Saturday market.

Authentic recipes that represent the multicultural make-up of Malaysia.

Not only does it make great eating on the spot – but you can take it home for an easy meal for later.

Having a party?    Take your guests on a “Hawker” tour.



Saturday November 24th is Small Business/Shop Local Saturday and there is no better place to celebrate and support small business then the Santa Rosa Farmers Market.    Over eighty local small businesses all in one place.  It’s going to be a beautiful day.   Free and easy  parking.

Pictured is Lisa Amador , partner, in Gracianna , a neighboring winery,filling gift baskets for the winery’s neighbors.  She is shopping at Twin Palms Ranch.

An easy way to give a gift from the market  is to purchase gift certificates from the market manager.


Dominique and her fabulous pies, the chestnut guys and many other Saturday vendors.  If you are a procrastinator this is the place for you.  Got company?  Great place to have breakfast!   To guarantee that perfect ingredient, call your favorite farmer.  Contact information is listed.


St Rose Winery –   The perfect wine for turkey is pinot noir and St Rose Winery has a pinot noir special this week

The Dreamcatcher Ranch    – Bacon, sausage, beef , pork and goat

Salmon Creek  Ranch   Duck, duck eggs, duck fat, beef

Weirauch Farm  Creamery–     cheese   – organic. award-winning sheep and cow cheese

Full Circle Bakery  Wonderful breads baguettes, cibattas, the perfect sandwich bread for turkey sandwiches no matter what you like  (707) 794-9445

Vicki Kemp  Hand sewn shirts, jams, and table cloths and napkins

Willow Designs  Clever jewelry and decorating pieces – re-cycled silver ware her tiny table top vases were recently featured in the Press Democrat

The Garden Wild  Soaps and lotions all handcrafted many from farm market ingredients  great gifts

GaGa Café   A great cup of coffee and beans to make it at home.

EGB  Seasonal fruit, dried fruit

Kays Bo Kays    Seasonal Flowers  Mums the word for Thanksgiving

Bohemian Well Being Farm 

Armstrong Valley Farm  Seasonal produce and eggs.  Beautiful carrots, beets, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and other seasonal vegetables.  A variety of potatoes — pick the perfect one

Sebastopol Berry Farm – maybe the rains make it iffy

Sonoma Coast Organic Produce  Jim and Dave the chestnut guys also have quince, grapes and chanterelles

Ma & Pas Garden  Seasonal produce call 823-6191 to guarantee your order.  They have celery root.

First Light Farm   You say potato the perfect potato for every recipe – and lots of other seasonal vegetables especially nice greens

Min-Hee Hill Gardens  Seasonal produce with a lettuce specialty.   Herb plants –perk up your kitchen window sill and your everyday recipes with fresh herbs  Now winter squashes perfect for a stand-out holiday dish with no work at all.

Twin Palms Ranch  Tasty and beautiful organic vegetables

Hectors Honey  Seasonal produce  maybe some tomatoes squash, tomatillos more and   everything honey of course.  Araucuna chicken eggs

The Patch Tomatoes, green beans, onions and peppers

Costeaux  Breads and pastries for every part of the Thanksgiving holiday from breakfast, lunch and dinner  Special order celebration cakes

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolate   The best chocolates in America

Dominique’s Sweets –  Amazing pies, macarons, meat hand pies and other pastries

Green Grocer  – “”If the French Laundry and Whole Foods had a love child… You’d wind up with the Green Grocer” yelp review  Got company bring them to the market for breakfast all morning.  All ingredients are locally sourced.  Give your guests a true taste of Sonoma and not break the bank at the market .

Lata’s    The best Indian food.  Traditional recipes but made with Sonoma grown ingredients.  Her pumpkin curry could be a wonderful side dish or for your favorite vegetarian dinner!   Her menu offers a lot for a quick snack to an easy dinner -just heat and eat.

Edgeworks   Who ever is carving the turkey will love you if you have the knife sharpened.

Waterhorse Ridge Jams and in season cranberry sauce!  It’s really really good.





If the green bean casserole can’t be left off your holiday menu – think about stepping it up.  Make is from scratch and you get a version that is naturally lower in salt and other preservatives not too mention the taste is fantastic.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving you can get fresh green beans, onions and your pick of mushrooms to add a spark to the holiday stand-by.    The Patch and Bohemian Well-Being Farm (Mr. Kim) will be at the Wednesday before Thanksgiving market.


This is the Alton Brown version with oven baked onion rings.

This food blogger’s version uses fried    and they sound really good

Th pioneer woman skips the onions but puts all kinds of interesting things in her casserole

And Emerile has his own version — he has an onion topping and lots of ideas for other things to put in this traditional Thanksgiving dish.


The market welcomes some new and some returning vendors:

ü      Penang Kitchen

  • Prepared Malaysian food   people fought over the samples!

ü      Varda Rose

  •  Handmade knit hats

ü      Lynettes Vintage Jewelry

ü  and returng   The Black Sheep Farm


Saturday vendors list

Twin Peaks

John Ford Ranch
The Black Sheep
K&K Farms
Kays Bo Kays
Min Hee
Min Hee
Walkers Apples
Ma & Pa
Ma & Pa
Nature Spirits
New Family Farm
The Patch
The Patch
Beet Generation
Vicki Kemp
St Rose Winery
Mamma Barretta
Lynettes Vintage Jewelry
Ultimate Souvlaki
Royal Hare


Water Horse
Salmon Creek
Carsons Catch
Weirauch Ranch
Not Yer Mamma Granola
Williams Ranch
Nut n Other
Alive & Healing
Foggy River Farm
Branch & Brine
Laguna Farms
Sonoma Coast Organic Produce
Bella Ridge
Pepper Ranch
Offerings of the Land
Twin Palms
Crumb Hither
Hectors Honey
First Light
Sebastopol Berry
Singing Frogs
Cosmic Cookie
Bumble Bee
Bolani – East West
Almas Oilcloths
Aroma Floral
Lorelies Covers
Earth Temple
Sonoma Garden Designs
Varda Rose
Pauls Patio
Run Around
Sonoma Woodworks
California Coops
Full Circle
Peggy Parr
Green Grocer
Raymonds Bakery
Stonehouse Olive Oil
Luther Burbank Center
Viking Pottery
Penang Kitchen
Mateo Granados




Thanksgiving is a week from today.  Will you be a basket case on the big day?  Or happily relaxing knowing you are completely ready.   The market has everything you need to make Thanksgiving a perfect day.   Well not the turkey.   A sure fire way to cut down on your work but not on quality is to get your pies, cookies, cakes breads from our wonderful bakers.

–when you put them all together we have the best specialty bakery in the whole world, pre -orders are welcome.

Raymond’s Bakery  A great around bakery with an amazing selection

Full Circle   They grow their own wheat – how’s that for ensuring quality

Costeaux Bakery   The most decorated bakery in Sonoma County

Mama Barretta’s  Mama Baretta creates delicious Italian breads, breadsticks, biscotti, amaretti and the award winning PEZZI without wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, or peanuts

Cosmic Cookie Jar   Gluten Free but the attraction is everthing tastes great.  Savory muffins that are standouts

Crumb Hither  the word luscious applies to her  cakes, tarts, cupcakes, mini-cupcakes   If Marie Antoinette had served Shannon’s cake’s — there would still be royalty in France

Dominque’s Sweets  – the best fruit pies  and the best macaroons (three sizes) and well whatever she makes it’s the best

click on the thumbnail to see full size


Saturday was our 45th birthday.  We had cake and a lot of fun.

The market received a letter from someone else who had a great time on Saturday.    They especially enjoyed the lovely location and places to relax and enjoy yourself.   Even children have a good time.

Dear Santa Rosa Farmers Market coordinators and vendors at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts,

My name is Erica Wheeler and I grew up in Larkfield, California just down the street from the Luther Burbank Center.  One of my favorite parts about growing up in the area was the community that surrounded me everywhere I went.  To this day, now that I have moved to San Francisco for college, that sense of community is what I miss most.  As the world gets busier and people have less time even the strongest communities feel the strain, which is why what you do at the Luther Burbank Center Farmers Market (and everywhere else too!) is so important.  Just this past weekend my mom and I and my 5 year old cousin came to the farmers market and spent the morning meeting new people, playing in the grass and the play structure and eating breakfast together.  It was one of those rare and perfect days where time passes slowly and people really enjoy themselves.  My cousin, a native San Franciscan had the best time, and I was thrilled to be able to show her a slower pace and all of the other exciting things the market has to offer.  Thank you to each of you for making these special memories possible.  Thank you for rebinding our communities together and reminding us what’s important every weekend.  My family and I so appreciate what you do and I wanted to thank you for that.  See you again soon!


Erica Wheeler


Thank you to Crumb Hither for the amazing cakes.

  One of the original four vendors is still selling at the market.  Kay of Kays Bo-Kays



This Wednesday is also National Pickle Day.  It’s never to late to make pickles.  Although it is getting close to the end of cucumbers for the year.  Min Hee Gardens is down to the end of their great selection of cucumbers.   But pickles can be made from lots of different vegetables, green beans, onions, summer squash just to name a few.

The Wednesday market is a great place to meet up for coffee or more.  The Windsor Green Grocer serves up breakfast every Wednesday morning.   It’s all locally sourced and all so good.   The Green Grocer also sells cured pork products .

GaGa Cafe is there with the best coffee and you can buy the beans too.

Citrus and persimmons are back and DeSantis has a nice selection.  They also have avocados.

The Patch is still at the market probably until Thanksgiving but they have tomatoes, green beans, onions, peppers  — the most beautiful display of peppers in every color.

The Dreamcatcher Ranch brings a great selection of meat to the Wednesday market.   Currently they have beef, pork and goat.    Goat is a very healthy meat – low in fat.

Thank you Peter Staatz@p_staatz  Rt”@pantrycooking: My pickling mentor passes this Spicy Dill Pickles refrigerator recipe  easy refrigerator pickle recipes.













Rosso Pizza after a busy summer of special events is back.  It is true that Chef John Franchetti is the one who starts building the fire at 6:30 AM so when you get to the market – your breakfast pizza is ready.   Rosso also sells pizza dough and their house-made mozzarella.

Twin Peaks is back with their fabulous amagaki persimmons .

Branch and Brine locally cured olives.  Last year they sold out in a flash you don’t want to miss this.

The chestnut guys : Jim and Dave are back,  chestnuts in three sizes, quince and now that it has rained –chanterelles.

There is always something new at the market especially when the seasons are changing.