Olivia Grace Rose

Elli Hilmer and Balyn Rose (Sonoma Mountain CSA and Wild Rose Ranch) have a new addition.  Congratulations Ellie and Balyn on the birth of your daughter –Olivia Grace Rose. You couldn’t miss them at market on Saturday.  They were glowing with  happiness.  Olivia is stunning perfect.

And they have a new project

Work Horse Organic Agriculture

Our mission is to produce the best and healthiest food possible and deliver it free of charge to people who cannot afford the high price of organic food commanded by retail outlets.

Work Horse Organic Agriculture, Inc. (WHOA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was established to promote the use of draft horse farming to support sustainable and organic agriculture in Sonoma County. All food grown by WHOA is given away to organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul in Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa Health Center and the Redwood Empire Food Bank who use it to prepare nutritious meals for people of limited income.

More on the history of Work Horse Organic Agriculture

In its first growing season, WHOA Farm has already distributed over 4,000 lbs. of fresh, organic produce to local groups in Santa Rosa.

They will be back at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market soon.

If you are interested in their fermented foods lines or signing up for their CSA more information here.

Wild Rose Ranch has four style of fermented foods -sauerkraut, apple kraut, kim chee and cortido




Occasionally there are spring almonds that look like fuzzy uncured olives with a soft nut that you pop out to snack on.    But rarely does DeSantis Bella Fruta have the even younger version, those with merely a jelly-like idea of an almond so you can eat the entire thing, pod and all.   It tastes like a cross between a very tart apple and a cucumber.

“Even cooked they are still fantastically intriguing – the citrusy jellied center liquefies and pops when you bite into the still-crunchy little orbs.”  read more from Squid Ink

“You can enjoy green almonds whole, fuzzy green soft shell and all, or cleaned, eating only the kernel within. Whole green almonds are much more sour than shelled. The shelled fresh nut is dewy and mildly tart. Tsagala are delicious both ways. In Crete, where most edible wild foods find a vast multitude of uses, whole tsagala are added to goat stews, which are finished with avgolemono (the egg-lemon liaison that enriches myriad Greek dishes). They are also simmered with onions and tomatoes and added to delicious concoctions of braised wild greens, which can include wild fennel, tender sorrel, chervil, young leeks, tomato and broad bean shoots, spring onions and a hint of tomato paste. Cooked greens stews exist in many parts of Greece and go by several different names.” read more at Zester Daily

This is a short season item.  DeSantis is at the Wed and Sat market and they always have something interesting to try.



Spring Gardening Series  at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market

April 14

– Planning Your Garden

Free seeds and soil in a compostable container!

April 21-

Free Seed Swap and Lettuce Seed Giveaway

Exchange seeds of all kinds for your garden.

April 28

Selecting the Best Plants for Your Garden

Free basil seedling and soil in a compostable container

May 5

Children’s Gardens

Enjoy a free pumpkin plant to grow in your garden.


The series is again conducted by Susan Nystrom .    Susan’s family operates Fulton Creek Nursery bringing clever mixed patio sized gardens for even the blackest thumb among us.

The Mad Meat Genuis attended last year’s seed swap –

“The seed exchange booth caught our attention. I think it is a great idea to exchange extra seeds. How many zucchini seeds does one need?”

Photo from the website madmeatgenius.com







Celebrate Spring!

Whether it’s Passover, Easter or Holi (Hindu celebration of spring)   The market is full of things for your Spring Fling!.

If you are responsible for eggs for dying and hiding, roasting or deviling or maybe for a bendict for brunch.  Our farmers have all kinds of eggs — from giant duck eggs to tiny quail eggs.   Hector’s Honey has eggs colored by nature.  His Araucana chickens lay pastel colored eggs.   Triple T (Wed/Sat) has quail eggs.  Salmon Creek Ranch has duck eggs (Sat.)

Spring is the season for fresh garlic, pea shoots, peas, and it’s lettuce-palooza.

Sonoma and surrounding areas has been home to an explosion of small meat and poultry producers.    Many of them now sell at the  market.  Saturday ranchers include:  Williams Lamb, John Ford Beef, Pepper Ranch Heritage Chicken, Owens Family Farm and Triple T chickens.  Wednesday Triple T and Dreamcatcher Ranch are in place.

Dominque’s Sweets will be your Easter Bunny.  She can put together the best Easter Basket for everyone on your list.

Everyone is happy to take orders to make sure you get exactly what you need. Call today!

The market is the very picture of spring.